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Best of Harvest 2020

Sunshine, beautiful grapes and delicious must. That’s how I can sum up the 2020 harvest.

Compared to last year, we harvested fewer, but even better quality grapes. Thanks to the heavens for the great harvest weather and also for the good crop.

The harvest once again wasn’t an easy job, yet we had time to enjoy working together as a team. We definitely enjoyed the food made in the outdoor cauldron and clinking our glasses after the harvest was complete.

We are glad that the press is already resting, as are we, and that the wines are developing promisingly in the cellar. There were some plots of Riesling and Furmint in which a touch of botrytis appeared. Yet, the outcome was still pure and flavoursome must. What’s more, since last year, all our parcels have been transitioned to organic. 

The young winemaker Antal Benesch joined our team in August. It was his first vintage on Szent György Hill. 

Kokó, our ‘cellar dog’ checked out all the work stages. He is one of our quality controllers: if he likes the grapes, it will be an outstanding vintage. 

We collected a few photos to preserve the memory of the harvest.

Botond checking the Riesling must, while standing at the top of the press — in a real bohemian pose.

Mount Saint George in the morning, on the northern side, towards the Mogyorós vineyard.

The work goes on, the harvest crates are nicely filling up with grapes. In the background: the ‘peak’ of Mount Saint George.

Kokó keeps an eye on everyone.

The Riesling in the Mogyorós vineyard is lovely and it also has stunning aromas and flavours.

Anybody want a little Riesling? It’s gorgeous.

Part of the Gilvesy Sauvignon Blanc, the 2020 Váradi Sauvignon Blanc fermenting.

We must have washed several hundred, or even more, several thousand harvest crates.  We’ll count them next year.

Cheers! Marcello, Antal, me and Botond.

The lecsó (Hungarian ratatouille) was great! :) To be continued in 2021. Until then, you can visit us or just have a glass of wine from the mystical Mount Saint George.


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