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What are you doing this May?

The sourdough is fresh, the onions bite! Keep’n it going on Mount Saint George. Our hard work is spiced with flavours, fragrances, and a bit of culture.

No surprise, this Spring is a bit quieter than usual, and maybe more than ever we try to harmonize with nature. Work continues in the vines during the day, and in the garden on the weekends. When we get the chance we take long walks and marvel at Spring’s grand performance. At the end of the day, around sunset, we select a fine wine, mostly older vintages, and nibble on something we find. The other day I found a 2015 Bohém, and it was in fine form, together with a bit of aubergine cream and red onion on a slice of sourdough bread from Búzalelke Bakery.

Some sheep cheese or aubergine cream always works, but the possibilities are endless! The best is when you think you have nothing in the fridge and then presto, someone becomes creative and stuns us all. Food and entertainment, solved! :)

A good movie - a glass of wine, Tekeresvölgyi cheeses and sourdough bread from Búzalelke bakery

When night falls, sometimes we can check into the Filmarchiv where during the restrictions, you can watch free of charge Hungarian classics like Marcell Jankovics’ animated film, János Vitéz. Amazing period animation from the 1970’s. For those who are more interested in more contemporary films, take a look at Budapestfilm’s fledgling Budapest Távmozi, where by watching these films you support the survival of art cinema.

A new book or an old favourite

On quiet evenings, the next best thing to a gastronomic adventure is a good book. If you haven’t read it, read Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind by Noah Harari. Enlightening!

I can never get enough: Nature’s Wonders

Every year, about at the same time we can marvel at the Eta Aquarida meteor showers. This year they are best seen from May 4-6.

Forrás: Unsplash

Beside all these a ctivities, try our May offer

Oldies but Goodies. This is a 6 bottle package of three of our 2017 wines. Terra 2 Riesling, Mogyorós Sauvignon Blanc, Bohém Cuvée. Like the Bohém 2015 I mentioned earlier, wines of Mt. Saint George hit their stride a few years after bottling, and given the particular vintage, can keep on giving for years.


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